Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Having Chooks with my KaChooks!

Me and family started liking Chooks To Go on our first taste.
From that day onwards, we always choose Chooks To Go anytime, anywhere and in every family occasions we wanted to buy a whole chicken and good thing that they have a branch near our place.
It only cost same as other lechon manok store but really we love the taste of Chooks kasi "Masarap kahit walang sauce!"

Naalala ko tuloy, ng minsang gabi na pero di pa kami makatulog ng kids kasi hinihintay namin dumating si Daddy(my hubby). Sabi nya may sorpresa daw syang dala na pasalubong para sa amin at tiyak na matutuwa ang mga bata! 'Ano kaya un??'☻ Excited naman kami syempre!

Andyan ng manood kami ng TV ng mga bata, magkwentuhan, maglaro at kulang nalang mag tamblingan na sa kakahintay sa Daddy nila pero 'hello' asan na sya?? Ang tagal!
Hanggang sa ♪beep..beep..♪ (tumunog ang cellphone...may nagtxt!)
"Sorry Honey,pakisabi sa kids na traffic ako!"
waaaaa!!!!!! Gutom na kami no! Ikaw ng makipaglaro sa 2 bulilit na makulit!?
Pero teka, ang tanong??? Pagkain ba pasalubong na dala nya?? toinkz!!!

Maya't maya humingi ng makakain ang 2 makulit... Nagutom na sa kakalaro at kakahintay sa Daddy nila. Pero dahil gabi na at wala ng mailuto pa e mag dilata nalang kami...
Nang.......... ♫ ding! dong! ♫ "Ayan na sya!!!!"

Sabay bungad ng---- "Wow! CHOOKS TO GO!" 'yey!!!'

Masarap syang papakin, iulam sa kanin, o kahit walang sauce!
Amo'y pa lang e talagang matatakam ka na sa lasa!
Kahit may natira pa at konting painit lang kinabukasan ay masarap pa rin pang umagahan!
Mapa tanghalian man o hapunan o kahit mirienda ay the best talaga ang Chooks to Go's Oven Roasted Chicken! =)

So we ended up eating a NAPAKAPAKAPAKASARAP na hapunan (LOOK AT THE CHICKEN BONES BELOW!hehe)
Having Chooks To Go with my KaChooks buddies- my kids and the whole family, is one of the kalog and happy moments to cherish!


Friday, August 12, 2011

for Every Age, Every Stage,Everyday...CETAPHIL!

Protecting and nourishing the delicate skin of your precious baby is one of the most important things you can do.

So how can you keep your sweetheart as smooth as the day he was born?

Here are MY TIPS on how to solve our darling's skin dilemmas and what products can help protect those petite arms (and legs, and fingers, and toes...)


-> Skip fragranced laundry detergent that might irritate his skin and make sure to purchase fragrance-free diapers in a size. Also, change your baby's diaper immediately after it has become soiled. The wetness can cause chaffing, which leads to dry skin.


-> Babies need two to three baths a week in warm -- not hot -- water to stay clean.

-> It's best to use skin-care products made especially for babies, such as fragrance-free and tear-free shampoos, bath gels, and lotions. With each one you use, be watchful of Baby's reaction in case he is allergic.
So, what brand you trust for your baby's skin?
CETAPHIL is the over-the-counter brand name most often recommended by dermatologists. Cetaphil products are gentle enough to use on babies, as a cleanser for baby's skin and hair, as well as a moisturizer. Cetaphil offers families guidelines for using their products on diaper rash, eczema, and even cradle cap.

Products: LOTIONS
-> It's important to keep Baby's skin moisturized, so always have a supply of lotions around. Ointments, which have a thicker consistency, are even better at keeping your little one's skin soft.
It is extremely gentle, and dermatologists recommend it.

-> Take a few extra steps to protect your baby's skin as the weather changes throughout the year.

Therefore, to keep my baby's skin satin smooth I only trust for Every Age, Every Stage,Everyday use...CETAPHIL!