Monday, November 22, 2010

New Hairstyle with the New Sunsilk Damage Repair

In my teen days I always had a long straight hair as my hairstyle.

And then...

I prefer to have a new hairstyle, from long straight hair into a shaggy style, for a change!

But my problem is it seems my hair become fluffy and wavy!

To put things simply, my hair was dry beyond words, and horribly tangled.

The woman’s hair is her crowning glory.

Most often I think women who have recently had a baby usually end up feeling understandably exhausted, unattractive, and really not like their selves.

I’d have to say I can relate. Having 2 kids has left me neglecting most things that used to make me feel good about myself especially my hair problem- dry ,frizzy, sticky and the split-ends! yay!

One day I try the New Best Ever SUNSILK DAMAGE REPAIR!

My hair is getting beautiful and presentable. I don’t need to use a pony tale just to hide my damaged hair just like before.

My hair is now way softer and silkier..Love playing with it now!

Awesome scent! Nourishes very well!

My hair was visibly stronger, no tangles, smoothy, and shinier. I'm not kidding!

My hair felt so smooth, I couldn't stop myself from stroking my hair every few minutes and feel the beauty of nature like what I did in this collage pictures.

It felt great, and looked even better.

Meeting the HAIR EXPERTS is a great privilege!

For sure I will learn a lot of tips about taking care of my hair and to try different hair style without worrying if what will be the result of it in my hair.

If given the chance I will consider this as a gift to myself especially for me as a Mom who always think first the needs of my family especially for my kids.

A nice treat for a Mom like me to see a New Me in the coming New Year.

TY Sunsilk-the Best Ever!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deathbyplatforms X Cole Vintage Blog Give Away


I'm joining Deathbyplatforms X Cole Vintage Blog Give Away!
How I wish to win the 2,500 worth of Cole Vintage GC!
What a nice birthday gift for me. Pls?^_^

I loved this Wylie Dress in Fuchsia color and the Roma Shoes in Mocha Color, will just add 198 pesos.=D

This giveaway runs until November 30, 2010.
Open to Phil. residents only.

For more DETAILS about this giveaway,
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jazz Shoppe Giveaway!

Wow! I really loved to have this cool items from Jazz Shoppe!
I find it cool and really nice for my girls!

Personally I like the 1st one. the black with polka dots. hehe

Want to join?
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