Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Memorable Page in my Life

On my wedding day, Feb. 26, 2005, I received the best gift for a new bride. I will never forget that day my Tatay gave me Book of Tips by Julio F. Silverio, the best gift I ever received on that special day of my life.

When I asked him, “Tay, what is this?”

He answered, “Today is the most important day in your life. I want you to look at your best on this blessed day and this book may serve as your guide as you walk into a new chapter of your life.”

When I opened the gift, I was surprised that the book my Tatay gave me was the book I had always borrowed from him every time I had a project in school or to inspire me in my everyday life, especially during my school and teen days.

The book, published by National Book Store in 1981, was also a gift to my dad from his friend way back 1982, the year I was born. It’s been 28 years since, and the book has gone from my Tatay to me and I will pass it on to my kids at the right time.

It seems that books have always been in our lives. They are very important and helpful in a variety of situations; they broaden the mind and give knowledge about the world. Of course, they do not only inform but also protect us from boredom.

I am fond of reading books. I have read a good number of novels, dramas, short stories and poems. Some books may be good from one point of view, another one may be good from some other point of view. Book of Tips is one that’s good in numerous ways. It may not have a main character but it is I who is in the lead role to interpret each tip that will guide me to success.

Book of Tips is a compilation of tips for any scenario — ambition, baby care, parenthood, self-confidence, self-power and etiquettes to name a few.

It really helped me. A lot of tips, information and principles will change your points of view in life. Every topic or tip is helpful and inspirational.

Some tips I applied in my life after my wedding are:

• Marriage (Tips for becoming a good wife)

• Baby care (Tips on proper breastfeeding and its importance)

• Cooking (Tips on good cooking)

• Decision making (How to make effective decisions in life)

• Self-appreciation (Appreciate others to have them appreciate you)

And more tips to help us in reality. The book is always with me, at my computer/study table, and I bring it also on important family events or trips.

This book is my guide, a friend at my side.

Can you imagine a world without books? I can’t. To imagine a world without books is to imagine a world without thought. A world without feeling, compassion, history, or voice.

And the Book of Tips by Julio F. Silverio is my book of comfort, my shelter; my bridge and through its pages it has brought me into success.

Thanks to my Tatay for this book. This book reflects his unconditional love and support for me — for he trusted me with it.

How I’d love to dance again...

I just want to write this and let you know some things that other people should know and you should know too... Someone who is a HERO for me. He's always been my hero since I was a little girl.

He’s the disciplinarian in the family. When we were little we used to fear him a lot because he was very strict when it comes to coming home straight from school; our church duties and responsibilities, helping in the household chores, and to our 'mala-teleserye' & 'tagu-taguan' childhood crushes and funny love story..haha
This man is so masculine, so strong looking you dare not approach him. As he approaches, he bestows upon you aggressive behavior; however, he then surprises you with the most beautiful smile and friendliest personality you have ever seen. This is the true essence of my father, a man not only misunderstood by society because of his appearance, but also his tone.

This person has taught me, guided me and instilled wisdom in me my entire life.
He is whom I look up to with loving trust and pride. With a willing hand to lend, he is a helper, an adviser and my partner in crime.
He has been the driving force behind my academic achievement. Everything I have been able to accomplish with regards to school and even in my personal life, I have him to thank for.
This person means the world to me, so who is this influential person in my life? He is my one and only father, my "Tatay".

I am a daughter of a Minister of Church. I grew up in a pressure situation where I was expected to look and act in a certain manner, and always had to put on a smile. But my Tatay serve as my best friend and taught me not to be pressure and enjoy each day of my life. My parents taught me to love God first and foremost.

He taught me never to give up and to go for what’s out there. That I should always go for what I want and to never stop trying, to always stay firm and have grip on what’s my every day goal. He has advised me to notice what I’m doing and if I’m doing it the right way.

Now I am like a ‘mom’ to Tatay, scolding him when he misses his medicine or always reminding him to stay away from fatty food. He’s doing great if I may say so because he listens to me. No matter how far I am from tatay, I will forever be Tatay’s little girl.

As the song goes:

♪♫ Back when I was a child
Before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high
And dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around till I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure, I was loved.

If I could get another chance
Another walk another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never ever end
How I'd love, love, love to dance with my father again.. ♪♫


Thank you for teaching me to be myself, even in the face of adversity. Thank you for giving me a caring heart and an open mind. Thank you for teaching me why thank you notes are always important. Thank you for letting me make my own path. Thank you for the lessons you continue to teach me every day. Thank you for your examples, your wisdom, your patience, your guidance, your devotion, your sacrifices, your endless support, your laughter and most importantly, your love.

P.S. Thanks for the everyday call, for always checking if your baby girl before is a good mother to your grandchildren.. haha

Happy Father's Day Tatay! We love u!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Miles of Smiles with Pepsodent Complete 8 Toothpaste

Every Mom has a checklist in everyday chores and priorities for her family especially for the kids.
#1 on my checklist is Healthy Living. Living a healthy lifestyle is everyone's dream.

I have two girls.
Amber Chloe is 7 years old.
Princess Aven is 5 years old.

Since birth, I make sure to prioritize their oral hygiene, even without no teeth yet it’s important to begin taking care of an infant’s gums shortly after birth through running a damp washcloth over your baby's gums.

Now as a Mom of a two toddler I know how hard it can be to get your child to brush his/hers teeth every day and for as long as needed. We have gone trough many excuses on why Princess doesn't feel like it.

What I did is I let my kids to pick out the supplies. There are lots of fun character toothbrushes and toothpastes on the market. Escort my kids to the store, and have them pick out their favorite.

Make it a family affair. I brush my teeth alongside my kids, and to make it more fun sometimes we do it at the front of the mirror. Sometimes, when their dad is at home early we do it as a family, that serve as our bonding moments.

Stick to a schedule. Kids like routine, so set regular teeth brushing times, and stick to them. Before long, it'll just become a part of their day.

Another thing that make my kids fun in brushing their teeth is sing (row row row your boat)
Brush brush brush my teeth
Get them shiny clean
over under
front and back
and even in between!

Or they love to watch Brush brush brush of Yo Gabba Gabba Song!

For the past two years I have been using the Unilever Pepsodent Toothpaste.
And now we use Pepsodent Complete 8, a checklist of 8 actions against frequent problems identified by dentists, inspired by the dentist checklist.
I like it because I feel it thoroughly cleans my teeth. It feels compact in my mouth and gives me a feel that it is doing its job. 
And of course my kids like it too!^^
Pepsodent is the most economical tooth paste I have used weighting the benefit I get and the price I pay for it.

It really double(2x) the actions of ordinary toothpaste!

'I am confident with Pepsodent Complete 8 Toothpaste, my kids and I will have a Miles of Smiles to share with and it totally complete my health checklist!'

Wear our Pinoy Smile!