Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Memorable Page in my Life

On my wedding day, Feb. 26, 2005, I received the best gift for a new bride. I will never forget that day my Tatay gave me Book of Tips by Julio F. Silverio, the best gift I ever received on that special day of my life.

When I asked him, “Tay, what is this?”

He answered, “Today is the most important day in your life. I want you to look at your best on this blessed day and this book may serve as your guide as you walk into a new chapter of your life.”

When I opened the gift, I was surprised that the book my Tatay gave me was the book I had always borrowed from him every time I had a project in school or to inspire me in my everyday life, especially during my school and teen days.

The book, published by National Book Store in 1981, was also a gift to my dad from his friend way back 1982, the year I was born. It’s been 28 years since, and the book has gone from my Tatay to me and I will pass it on to my kids at the right time.

It seems that books have always been in our lives. They are very important and helpful in a variety of situations; they broaden the mind and give knowledge about the world. Of course, they do not only inform but also protect us from boredom.

I am fond of reading books. I have read a good number of novels, dramas, short stories and poems. Some books may be good from one point of view, another one may be good from some other point of view. Book of Tips is one that’s good in numerous ways. It may not have a main character but it is I who is in the lead role to interpret each tip that will guide me to success.

Book of Tips is a compilation of tips for any scenario — ambition, baby care, parenthood, self-confidence, self-power and etiquettes to name a few.

It really helped me. A lot of tips, information and principles will change your points of view in life. Every topic or tip is helpful and inspirational.

Some tips I applied in my life after my wedding are:

• Marriage (Tips for becoming a good wife)

• Baby care (Tips on proper breastfeeding and its importance)

• Cooking (Tips on good cooking)

• Decision making (How to make effective decisions in life)

• Self-appreciation (Appreciate others to have them appreciate you)

And more tips to help us in reality. The book is always with me, at my computer/study table, and I bring it also on important family events or trips.

This book is my guide, a friend at my side.

Can you imagine a world without books? I can’t. To imagine a world without books is to imagine a world without thought. A world without feeling, compassion, history, or voice.

And the Book of Tips by Julio F. Silverio is my book of comfort, my shelter; my bridge and through its pages it has brought me into success.

Thanks to my Tatay for this book. This book reflects his unconditional love and support for me — for he trusted me with it.

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