Sunday, March 14, 2010

SPA- A beautiful Mother's Day Treat!

Of all holidays and special occasions, Mother’s Day is one that is full of memories, longing and thanks for everyone. This one day of the year is when we take a moment to pay tribute to that one person to whom we each owe so much. The love of a mother is unconditional and eternal, and on Mother’s Day children, young and old, take the time to honor her in return. We do this by writing letters, sending cards and flowers, and buying or making presents for our mothers.

Yes, some of us aren’t great with fancy words or big gestures – but you can always pick a personalized and special gift which will signal to your mum that you’ve put thought and effort into something that you knew would be special to her. Though of course we want to treat them sometime into a big splash where you can have a mother-daughter / mother- son bonding time!

I am the eldest daughter. I only work for two years then I got married and have my own family. That two years of working is not enough for me to pay tribute to my parents especially to my loving mom who always there in my side till I finish my study and attain my goal in life. And now my two precious girls(their grand daughter's) achievements in magazine exposures and on line promo's/freebies is the only way that I can make my Mom feel proud and happy..

Mother's Day is past approaching!

And when I saw this Anniversary Promo of Miss Rowena of Animetrics, I'm so excited to join!


I'm hoping to win the Ace Water Spa GC's. This will be a beautiful Mother's Day gift for my Mom and for the first time pamper her with a soothing break at a spa.. A fantastic day to enjoy too with tons of special memories and fun. At the same time a. memorable Mother's Day treat for me too to relax and spend a quality bonding time to my Mom whom I really miss so much!
And take note I've never been to any spa in my entire life as well as my mom! Yes,huhu! As a full time mom most of our time and energy is focus to our family.

For sure that FREE 4-hour sessions at Ace Water Spa will be a great free time for us to talk anything under the SPA!haha Oh how I wish this will be granted by our Fairy God Mother Miss Ro!=)

At least through this promo I can still give a special gift to my Mom where impossible in my situation now as a full time mom who has no personal income.

So please, pretty please…PICK ME…PICK ME…PICK ME… (raising hand non-stop like a giddy school girl)”


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NOTE: This is my 1st ever blog post..I'm still on learning

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  1. yay! this is my 1st ever post in my blog..hope to win as a memorable gift and remembrance for my 1st blog post!lol