Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CeeZINC- Spread the Good News!

Dear Mom,

School season is fast approaching. In Scheeling, we know that as a parent, you will do whatever it takes to protect your beloved ones and assist him in school days fever. That is why we are happy to tell you that we are ready to respond to you and your children’s needs.

As your partner in maintaining good health to your kids, Scheeling is giving you CeeZinc vitamin syrup for your kids to help keep up with their active lifestyle.

CeeZinc vitamin syrup is an orange-flavored combination of Vitamin C and Zinc syrup. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that helps boost the immune system to fight against infections such as common colds. Zinc is an essential mineral that helps boost mental performance making kids think and learn faster.

Spread this good news to your 10 loved ones or friends (excluding you) and you will get three (3) bottles of CeeZinc vitamin syrup. However if you extend this to your 20 dearest friends you will receive 3 bottles of CeeZinc plus A school backpack
for your kids. Please make sure everytime you spread this great opportunity you send a copy to:

Very truly yours,

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  1. How do we know that we actually won? Are we going to receive a confirmation email from CeeZinc? Did you get the freebies? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the blog Ms. Esvimin Faelnar! from Scheeling Pharma Care Link Inc.

  3. Hi, I've tried a bottle of this product and I really like it. My son had cough and colds running for 4 months and not treated with any medicine. When I accidentally saw this, I was hesitant to try but I really opened a bottle for my son. I noticed that his cough and colds were gone and in fact, has not recurred since then. But my problem now, I can't continue anymore since I am having a hard time looking for one. I'm from Cebu, it just happened I found this in a pharmacy which is located very far, about an hour from our place; I tried looking for it from other branches of the same pharmacy but it's not available and pharmacists are not even familiar. Please help me. my email ad is