Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Fun-Friendly Toothbrush for our Kids

I have two girls.
Amber Chloe is 5 yrs and 1 month and
Princess Aven is 4 yrs and 2 months.

Since birth, I make sure to prioritize their oral hygiene, even without no teeth yet it’s important to begin taking care of an infant’s gums shortly after birth through running a damp washcloth over your baby's gums.

Now as a Mom of a two toddler I know how hard it can be to get your child to brush his/hers teeth every day and for as long as needed. We have gone trough many excuses on why Princess doesn’t feel like it.

What I did is I let my kids to pick out the supplies. There are lots of fun character toothbrushes and toothpastes on the market. Escort my kids to the store, and have them pick out their favorite.

Make it a family affair. I brush my teeth alongside my kids, and to make it more fun sometimes we do it at the front of the mirror. Sometimes, when their dad is at home early we do it as a family, that serve as our bonding moments.

Stick to a schedule. Kids like routine, so set regular teeth brushing times, and stick to them. Before long, it'll just become a part of their day.

Another thing that make my kids fun in brushing their teeth is sing (row row row your boat)
Brush brush brush my teeth
Get them shiny clean
over under
front and back
and even in between!

Or they love to watch Brush brush brush of Yo Gabba Gabba Song!

What I’ve realized is that as with everything else children need to be interested. The task itself has to be fun.

Since my kids love to brush their teeth, it's really not hard to convince or force them. However, we've been into different brands of toothbrush! I'm looking for a friendly toothbrush for my kids, not just the appearance or how soft it's brittle's but on how it will help my kids to have more fun in brushing their teeth.

And now, happy to hear the friendly toothbrush for our kids is here!
FIREFLY TOOTHBRUSH- the number one selling kids' toothbrush.

Firefly toothbrush is designed for little hands so there is no slipping out and it’s very easy to hold and work with.

It flashes for a minute and lets your child know for how long to brush upper teeth, than you can pres it for another minute to finish with the lower set!

It also reminds you when it’s time to change your child’s toothbrush. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3 months, but as we all know with the hectic schedules we do forget. Well Firefly toothbrush will remind you, because the light stops working after 3 months!

Fun. Flash. FireFly.

FUN! - Kids just want to have fun, and tooth brushing need never be boring again.

- With fun feauture at the same time lets your child know for how long to brush their teeth.

FIREFLY!- Puts kids in charge of their own dental destiny, no nagging required.
It will never be boring! No more rush, no more excuses!

I am very thankful to Mommy Dharlz Blog post, I was able to learn about Firefly Toothbrush.
I'm pretty sure that my kids would love to use a Firefly toothbrush!

You can also be a Fan of Firefly Toothbrush on Facebook to know more about this fun and number 1 toothbrush for our kids.

FIRE FLY TOOTHBRUSH by DR. FRESH is now available Exclusively at Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores.

Firefly Products:
Firefly original: (3-12yrs old) Php 129
Float n' Firefly: (3-12yrs old) Php 139
Baby firefly:(4months - 36 months) Php 139
Flossers: (4-12yrs old) Php 125

No wonder parents and dentists everywhere are smiling.

Wear our Pinoy Smile!

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