Monday, October 4, 2010

Need Help from Sunsilk Hair Experts

In my teen days I always had this long straight hair as my hairstyle.
I only trust one brand and it's only SUNSILK SHAMPOO.

And now as a mother of two I'm still a number one fan of SUNSILK!
What I love about SUNSILK CO-CREATIONS SMOOTH AND MANAGEABLE is that it really does make hair silky smooth and it really smells so good. When you use these products you are not only assured of beauty of the hair, but also complete protection.

The result? Healthier, happier, soft—soft!—hair. The shampoo content has Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex which makes fluffy hair smooth. And I really believe in the effectiveness of it.

But this past 4 months our family transferred here in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan South, where the weather here is so hot wherein we experienced the 42 degreee celcius! I send and pick my kids in school where my hair tends to be expose in the sun.

I prefer to have a new hairstyle, from long straight hair into a shaggy style.

But my problem is it seems my hair become fluffy and wavy!
If you look at my hair carefully and in close-up you will notice of those stingy hair and white hair! Yes! White hairs is one thing I'm not saying a big problem because it's natural but ofcourse how I wish to have a black and shiny hair.

There is nothing more pampering than enjoying some salon hair care.
I'm afraid I might be looking old in my age because of my hair.
I want to meet Sunsilk Hair Experts because for sure I will learn a lot of tips from them and help me to revive and store my hair to its former glory.

If givent he chance I will consider this as a gift to myself especially for me as a Mom who always think first the needs of my family especially for my kids.

I deserve some pampering and to meet Sunsilk Hair Experts will definitely boost my confidence to help me to see a New Me.

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