Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was thinking of what to bring for the Valentine's Day on my daughter’s Film Viewing Activity, well actually I already have some food ideas in mind but very general.
Since it's a Film Viewing so a pica-pica or a snack to bring!
I just thought that I should bring food that is easy and quick to eat & most important of all is something that my child would like and will love to share!
It would surely not be a tiring day, but a challenging one for her to listen and watch well so I have to bring a not so challenging snack.

We all love chocolate and most of our kids are raised with the addiction too!

Here is another fun treat for kids!
A product of Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebisco)-
CHOCO MUCHO...... Pure Chocolate Pleasure!!!

Crunchy WAFER topped with rich CARAMEL, crackling RICE CRISPIES enrobed in velvety MILK CHOCOLATE... Comes in Chocolate, White Chocolate and Peanut Butter variants... and now with the NEWEST TEMPTATION Dark Chocolate...

I saw this promo of CHOCO MUCHO...... Pure Chocolate Pleasure in Facebook- a
Choco Mucho CAUGHT ON CAM Fan of the Week!
Info's here:!/chocomucho.rebisco?sk=app_186955578036355

I decided to join and why not!? ^^
Since it's a LOVE Month and this simple request is for Valentines Day for my daughters school Activity, I and my kids want to share the sweet, crispy and chocolaty feeling with their classmates.

Here's a POEM made by my daughter Chloe:

Choco Mucho, Choco Mucho Chocolates!
Sweet, yummy, filled with rich chocolate,
Crisp, tasty that give out a chocolaty experience with every bite,
Can Rebisco made our Valentines Request filled with love and much---ooo
much---ooo Choco Mucho Chocolates???

My kids was preparing now a handmade Valentine's Day cards for each of their classmates and for their teacher.

Hoping and wishing to win a Choco Mucho gift packs from Rebisco to share the fun
on Heart's Day... Please??

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