Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toblerone 2nd Mother's Day Promo

Join Toblerone Philippines' 2nd Mother's Day Promo and win an exclusive Toblerone chocolate bouquet designed by Michi Calica!

Toblerone 2nd Mother's Day Promo Mechanics:

1. Like the TobleronePilipinas Page here on Facebook.

2. Tell us who your 2nd mothers are and why you are grateful to them. The ten (10) most touching answers will win an exclusive chocolate bouquet designed by Michi Calica. You may post your answers on the comments section of this photo.

3. Refer the TobleronePilipinas Page to your Facebook friends by clicking "Suggest to Friends" at the upper left-hand corner of our wall for more chances of winning.

4. Email a list of Facebook friends you referred to along with your full name and contact numbers.

5. The promo will run from May 7 to 21, 2010. Deadline will be 5pm of the last day of the promo. Winners will be contacted via email and phone call.

*Participants and winners must agree that Toblerone reserves the right to use all information and materials gathered from the promo for PR purposes. Employees of Toblerone / Kraft Philippines and Geiser Maclang Communications Inc. are disqualified from the promo.

Wanna join?

Check it HERE.



My Auntie Dina was a great figure throughout my childhood and adolescence — I’ll always remember her for her energy, for being so fun, for being someone I could always talk to, for being such a good person. Really … I’ve rarely known someone as good at heart as her, all the love she gave to me and the rest of the family.

My auntie is a spinster or old maid.
They are only two girl's in nine siblings, she and my Mom.
She is the eldest, the one who took care of our grand parents till their last time.
One who always has time for her new niece or newphew. An aunt who is a friend and a mentor to the new child in the family.
My auntie dedicate all her time, her life for the family.

I dedicate this poem for you "NANAY".. I called her Nanay for she is my SECOND MOM!

This poem is heartily dedicated to you,
Please accept as a gift in appreciation to all you do,
Every moments cherished – remembered for life,
And will never forget even on my afterlife.

My aunt hear me now,
The words you deserve to hear please do allow,
“Thank you for everything you have done to me,
I love you just as much as you love me too…”

A second mum
You my aunt has been
A very good friend
You have always been
Thank you for all you do
My dear Aunt, I appreciate you.

The greatest Auntie in this world,
one of a kind and one in a million.
Who has the biggest heart with the most caring touch,
which you shares with so many of us.

You are my favorite Aunt,
For all you have done,
I will forever be thankful,
Thanks for being a second Mom,
Till I was a baby then and till now,
A grandmother to my children.

We love you NANAY!=)

TY Toblerone for this promo!
Now, I know this piece will be a nice gift not just a Mother's day gift but a Birthday gift to my "Nanay"(Auntie).

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