Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Everyone likes to create New Year’s resolutions, but not many keep them throughout the year. If before I admit, I do not prioritize for it, now many women make new years resolutions after they become a Mom, and this is because they have responsibilities. So when I became a mother I want to make changes for my children.

If some Moms prefer to do things to treat themselves; such as visiting a spa or getting a massage, or to loose weight and a make over...
Me? I want to do things with my children and enjoy quality time with them.

Success and failure, happiness and sadness, excitement and fear are some of the feelings or emotions with behind stories a Mother like me experienced this year.

Now the year is ending. I wonder what the next will bring.
It will be another grand mixture of laughter and tears, messes and precious moments with my 2 precious girls.
This year achievements-- is they are well potty trained, boos are manageable and oh they can help me to clean their mess in their own little way but fun!

Their great milestone this year is their first time in school; I discovered my eldest daughter as a future Fashion Model and my youngest daughter a future Multi-talented Diva.
Oh! I am sure next year will bring more of those funs and discover hidden talents!

Years go by too fast and every Mother’s knows that.
If I can only hold time for I don't remember giving my daughters permission to grow up, but they are doing it anyway. Oooohhh yah!

Tomorrow always comes, whether we want it to or not, and today is never yesterday.
Live life to the fullest! Savor each moment of the present, because it will too soon be past.
I don't know what exactly the future holds, but we will face it together as we have always done,for I know who holds our future.
In times of grief and sorrow we will hold each other. We will come out stronger with even more laughter in our hearts.

That is my New Year's Resolution:
TO ENDURE, TO PROSPER and TO KEEP LAUGHTER ALIVE...with my Family and for all families!

My 2011 New Year's Resolution.
Happy New Year's To All!

And now,I need a tool!
I need a partner to help me do the varied tasks.
Who says a BELLE DE JOUR POWER PLANNER for 2011 is not for Moms like me?
It will help mothers manage every aspect of their busy family life.
This planner will help busy moms get organized, save time, and ease confusion and stress.
The discount coupons from partner brands is a big help for a mother like me.
I like it because it’s more than just a simple notebook with dates for me to jot down my day’s must accomplish activities, and most of all the activities and achievements of my kids too!
A nice souvenir to keep and show it to them at the right time isn't?

Will my fairy Godmother SKYSENSHI.COM grant my wish this New Year?

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